Who we are

At Bali pilates studio we truly LOVE movement in all it’s shapes and forms.

As such we have brought together what we consider to be the best of the best. We pride ourselves on being a professional, personal and friendly studio that is fully equipped with the finest pilates on the market. We also have a huge array small equipment that keeps our group fitness classes interesting and fresh. We are continuously evolving and updating our classes with the latest innovations in the world of movement. If it works, we are interested!

Bali pilates studio covers all areas of health and fitness including rehabilitative and traditional classes in both Pilates and yoga, as well as high performance classes that include, the dynamic reformer, pilates mat plus, xtend barre, dance,TRX, and personal and group personal traing classes.You can stretch, strengthen and improve your cadiovascular health with any combination of our classes!

Achieve your goals and reach your potential today!