Robyn has been a dedicated student and teacher of pilates, yoga, gymnastics, dance and many other forms of movement her whole life.

After a very satisfying career as a Marine Biologist she began practicing clinical pilates for personal reasons and found the precise scientific and anatomical nature of pilates greatly appealed to her.

This combined with the the graceful and rhythmical movements that are it’s essence saw her take her first certification course with STOTT pilates in 2004. She has continued to study every year ever since and loves every minute!

She has been fortunate enough to travel the globe and study courses and workshops with some of the finest teachers in the world including Madeline Black, Elizabeth Larkum, Alan Herdman, Pat Guyton and Nora St John. She has also covered other areas of passion such as the Franklin method and Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains.

In addition to this Robyn is a certified Xtend Barre teacher. She absolutely loves to teach, observe and learn from all her clients and from her 3 beautiful kids.